Oola Distillery 'Waitsburg' Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Oola Distillery 'Waitsburg' Bourbon Whiskey

94 Proof
Oola Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Caramel, vanilla, olives, dill pickles and chutney.
Cinnamon, spice, ginger with spicy notes of black peppercorn.
Warm and balanced, with hints of honey and oak spice.
This medium-full bodied Bourbon has a bouquet of vanilla, caramel and cherry.The spicy kick of a high rye content is balanced by sweet, smooth corn an   Read More d the unmistakably silky viscosity o organic Washington soft white winter wheat.Matured in 53-gallon barrels, this meticulously handcrafted six to eight-year Bourbon displays notes of brown sugar and maple syrup without the woody harshness that can resultfrom extended micro-barrelling.Its mellow tannins and complex layers unfold into a finish of buttery oak, toffee and again the brightness of fresh cherries   Read Less