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Oppidan Cask Strength Bourbon

100 proof
Oppidan Spirits
750 ML (Standard)
The palate arrives with more red fruits before opening up with leather, cooked cream, vanilla, and baking spices.
The aromas are dense with ripe fruits and florals-cherry oranges, violets, along with grass and cinnamon toast.
Long and smooth with a pleasant after-aroma and a spicy kick.
Jeff Walsh is living his dream.After a first career as a trader in Chicago's investment markets, he decided to take up distilling.He says that he was   Read More "driven crazy" by oblique deceptions in the Whiskey markets-with fake historical ties and 100% "sourced" Spirits.So he started with a sixty gallon pot still in 2013 and experimented with product development in Wheeling, Illinois.Things have gone well.He now has a full production environment producing two thousand liters at a crack and a product line covering five tasty Whiskies and two Gins.Life is good, but he still distills every drop himself.   Read Less