Oppidan Solera Aged Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Oppidan Solera Aged Bourbon

92 Proof
Oppidan Spirits
750 ML (Standard)
Rich and dark chocolate cherry flavors followed by dark-roasted coffee beans.
Sweet dessert wine on the nose with hints of chocolate, cherries and butterscotch.
Dark chocolate coffee finish with a fruity exit.
Oppidian Spirits was founded in 2015 by Jeff Walsh, pegging itself as the 'new American school of distilling.A technique involving traditional distill   Read More ing techniques and more modern innovative ways of distilling.Known for their unique Solera Aged Bourbon, made using a rum technique to create a younger, more complex bourbon, they now have a complete line of paradigm-shifting experimental spirits.he majority of Oppidian Whiskeys are fairly young, and their overall incredible quality and taste are a testament to the value of innovation over age statement.his Solera aged bourbon is distilled from a 5-grain mash bill of corn, malted rye, chocolate malted rye, special B, & 2-row barley, it then enters a unique solera aging process across 3 different wood types: American oak, French oak, & Oloroso sherry casks.The French oak & Oloroso casks are never emptied, creating continuity & increased complexity over time.   Read Less