Oppidan Spirits Oppidan Bourbon Smoke Sea - SIPN BOURBON

Oppidan Spirits Oppidan Bourbon Smoke Sea

92 Proof
Oppidan Spirits
750 ML (Standard)
Fine Bourbon flavor is followed by vanilla, figs and toffee.
Shortbread forward nose with notes of charred peat and smoke piercing through the sweetness.
Finish with heavy peat and smoke followed by oceanic saltiness.
Oppidan Smoke + Sea is a combination of our 4 Grain Straight Bourbon and Solera Aged Bourbon mash bills, finished in French oak and peated Islay scotc   Read More h barrels.The French oak adds structure and dark fruit notes while the Islay casks add a layer of smoke, earth, and sea to our already malty and chocolaty bourbon.Bourbon on the nose and front palette with a briny and peaty finish.
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