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Pappy Van Winkle's 20 Years Bourbon Whiskey

90.4 Proof
Old Rip Van Winkle
750 ML (Standard)
Silky, syrupy body.Potent hazelnut butter note upfront, with minimal tongue burn.Soft, with flecks of charcoal and sweet dense oak, but without any bitterness.High notes o orange peel and cherry liqueur.
Dripping caramel, dense vanilla, honey candy, and bright fres orange peel.
Medium long.Still sweet, but drying out with mild tannins.A wave of menthol.Lingers, finishing slowly without any bitterness.
No other bourbon today can stand 20 years of aging, but this bourbon does it with style.'Pappy' Van Winkle was a true character.This bourbon, like 'Pa   Read More ppy,' is full of personality that makes it a very special Whiskey, and some might argue, one of our best bourbons.It has been put in the class of a fine after-dinner cognac   Read Less