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Parker's Heritage Collection Cask Strength Bourbon

122.6 Proof
Heaven Hill Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The flavors puddle and linger on the tongue and soar and loft in the palate: sweet corn, hot vanilla, a touch of cinnamon and a crisp fleeting peppery note, and a long,
Plenty of vanilla, sweet burnt sugar, a drying hint of oak
lingering finish that twists through sweet notes of maple and corn, spicy oak dryness, and the solid
The nosing finds oaky scents underpinned by deeper aromas of spice, banana, parchment and green vegetation.Palate entry is chewy and caramel-flavored;   Read More the midpalate is powerful, intensely spirity, vegetal, peppery and resiny.Finish offers succulent tastes of fudge, dark chocolate, tobacco leaf and brown sugar.   Read Less