Peg Leg Porker 12 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN

Peg Leg Porker 12 Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon Whiskey

93.9 Proof
Peg Leg Porker
750 ML (Standard)
Oaky heavy dark fruit and clove heavy spice spread quickly and notes of caramel, vanilla an orange peels arrive as they do.Towards the finish bits of cocoa, graham and biscuits pop up
Warm rustic aroma of sweet grain and oak with notes of caramel, biscuits, vanilla orange peels and spice.Light bits of graham and dark fruit come and go as it sits.
Long oaky fade with layers of cocoa, dark fruit, corn, spice and vanilla
Bringle also uses his talent to source and produce some great bourbon.Although he's never been a huge fan of the Lincoln County method, made popular in Tennessee.He decided to filter his juice through the same hickory charcoal that he burns in the same smoker he uses for his legendary BBQ (here's a spoiler: it pays off).lthough they have put out NAS and 8 year releases previously, their latest release is a 12 year Tennessee Bourbon that is limited to only 136 cases.That means there are only 816 chances for you to score a bottle.If you want one, you might want to put your computer down and head out to a store.lthough Bringle typically likes to release his bourbon at 90 proof, this one comes in a little hotter at 93.proof.You would be amazed at how much that 3.proof can make a difference.So much of a difference, that this release won Double Gold in the San Francisco World Spirits