Penelope Four Grain Bourbon - SIPN

Penelope Four Grain Bourbon

80 Proof
Penelope Bourbon Bottling Co
750 ML (Standard)
The mouthfeel is soft from the wheat, and the spiciness from the rye is not overbearing.Hardly any sweetness comes through despite what the nose is telling me.Mixed with rye spice is a faint amount o orange zest.The bourbon is a little medicinal on the backend.
Sweet and spicy at first that reminds me of a tray of petit fours.Quite dainty on the nose.
The finish is very grassy and straw like.
Penelope Four Grain Bourbon: Penelope Bourbon was created in 2018 by lifelong friends Mike Paladini and Danny Police. The name is a nod to Mike’s daughter Penelope. The bourbon is a blend of wheat and rye bourbon mash bills, which are aged separately before being blended and bottled. The bourbon is aged in barrels charred with #4 staves and #2 heads. This first batch of Penelope Bourbon is comprised of 6 barrels totaling 1,900 bottles.