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Pinhook High Proof 2021 'Bourbon Heist' Bourbon

Every year Pinhook releases new bourbons and ryes that showcase the best attributes of their barrels.After meticulous barrel selection and blending, t   Read More hey find the perfect proof for each expression, giving the vintage a character as unique as the thoroughbred on the label.Pinhook Bourbon Heist is a high proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon, distilled at Castle & Key (th original Old Taylor distillery) from all non-GMO and locally sourced grains, including 15% rye and 10% malted barley, and aged for more than 3 years before being bottled unfiltered at a cask strength 119.proof.The 2021 vintage of high proof bourbon offers warm notes of candied peaches, mango, and Ceylon cinnamon.An expansive palate showcases deep notes of baked nectarine, papaya, and dark maple.   Read Less