Pursuit United Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Pursuit United Blended Straight Bourbon Whiskey

108 Proof
Pursuit Series
750 ML (Standard)
Initial wave of brown sugar and honey.Transitions into a malted chocolate ball and citrus tea
Aromas of caramelized sugar, honeycomb, mulling spices, and natural cocoa.
Finishes with a gradual progression of a spic orange marmalade.
Pursuit Spirits has released 39 single barrel releases up to this point, and Pursuit United marks their first forte into blended bourbon.Perhaps they   Read More learned a lot during their previous releases, as United is an excellent first showing.Pardon the pun as Pursuit Spirits founders Kenny Coleman and Ryan Cecil are also the co-creators of Bourbon Pursuit Podcast.Any doubt that two guys that talk about bourbon wouldn't know the first thing about blending is proven dead wrong with this first United release.s many will attest to, blending bourbon is more art versus a science.And those who create art rarely say it's easy.What jumps out immediately is how its flavor profile clicks and is able to find a very drinkable middle ground between not too sweet and not too robust.As the brand's tagline states, 'An adventure in bold flavors,' a better tagline for this particular release might be, 'We dare you to hate this.Perhaps a bit too bold for marketing purposes, but that taunt is founded on the Whiskey's incredible savory flavor profile that is unique yet immediately likeable.   Read Less