Ragged Branch Signature Rye Bourbon - SIPN BOURBON

Ragged Branch Signature Rye Bourbon

90 Proof
Ragged Branch
750 ML (Standard)
ich suggestions of leather, intermingled with spicy black pepper, expand and surge on the tongue.A candy-like cinnamon sweetness rises in the background then fades into a very docile smokiness
dark brown sugar, caramel sauce, vanilla, and honey
There is a mild bitterness that cultivates from a charge of black pepper spice on the back of the tongue.Oak char and aged leather round out the finish meticulously with suggestion of sweet cinnamon.
agged Branch carefully crafts its Signature Bourbon using a recipe of 68% corn, 16% rye, and 16% malted barley.After distillation, this bourbon is age   Read More d in 53-gallon Kelvin Cooperage barrels for at least 5 years before being bottled at 90 proof.Ragged Branch Signature Bourbon is a true farm-to-distillery product with all grains used in the production, being grown by the Ragged Mountain Farm.If you ask Alex which Ragged Branch offering is his favorite, he will loudly and proudly proclaim that this Signature Bourbon is his personal favorite.   Read Less