Ranger Creek .36 Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Ranger Creek .36 Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

96 proof
750 ML (Standard)
This is a quiet whole mouth experience with flavors of caramel, sweet cereal grains and smokey oak.
The nose is subtle with hints of sweet cereal grain and notes of caramel mixed with light smokey oak.
The finish is soft and lingering
The Ranger Creek .6 Small Batch (5 gallon barrel) Bourbon had already racked up awards in head to head competition.The newer Single Barrel Bourbon is the exact same grain recipe-70% Texas corn, 16% rye and 14% barley 70% Texas corn, 16% rye and 14% barley-with the only differences being the size of the barrels and the amount of time spent aging in our South Texas heat.hile still a small barrel bourbon, the size for the .6 Single Barrel has been increased to 25 gallon barrels.The 2014 release won Best of Show and Best in Class from the American Craft Spirits Association.he 2015 version came from just two barrels yielding just 180 bottles, and they tell me mine was the last one available on the planet, that labeled barrel S06 and bottle #3.At 4 1/2 years old, it'S billed as the oldest bourbon made in Texas, and was bottled at 96 proof.