Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Rebecca Creek Fine Texas Spirit Whiskey

80 Peoof
Rebecca Creek Distillery,
750 ML (Standard)
There's plenty more sweetness on the palate, which is certainly inoffensive, making for a light wisp of a Whiskey driven by Cracker Jack and butterscotch candies, with the lightest hint of barrel char on the back end
nose, sweet caramel corn, vanilla, and fresh caramel.There's lots of sugar here
The finish is barely there, just a lingering brown sugar note that at least nods in the direction of bourbon,
If you're not familiar with the spirit Whiskey category (and why would you be), it has that funny name because the bottle includes 21% grain neutral s   Read More pirits.The other 79% is 'a blend of premium bourbons.The oldest has been aged for 10 years in new oak barrels and has a grist bill made up of 75% yellow corn and 21% rye with 4% 2-row malted barley rounding out the ingredients.Why would someone cut premium bourbon with what is essentially vodka? Some would argue it makes a harsh Whiskey more approachable (and innocuous) by cutting the flavor and 'smoothing' it out.Others would say it's just a cheap way to stretch expensive Whiskey stocks.   Read Less