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Rebel Yell 100 Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
750 ML (Standard)
On the tongue you get more of the same with the addition of biscuits and warm butter.
From the first sniff, this Bourbon lets you know who's boss with notes of roasted nuts, berry preserves, toffee, oak, and a bit of cocoa.
The finish is medium length with a distinct PB&J sandwich tone.
Rebel Yell 100 Proof Wheated Bourbon is the newest wheated bourbon in Luxco's Rebel Yell line of Whiskeys, including Rebel Yell 80 proof and Rebel Yel   Read More l 10 Year Single Barrel.For now, the wheated bourbon itself is likely sourced from Heaven Hill, meaning that Rebel Yell and Larceny Wheated Bourbon share the same DNA.Even with the exact same mash, my guess is that Luxco is going for something a little different, so Rebel Yell isn't just rebranded Larceny with slightly higher proof, although I definitely appreciate the higher proof.If you're curious, I compared Rebel Yell 100 to Larceny to discover just how different they actually are.I haven't had Rebel Yell 80 proof in years, and this is my first time drinking the 100 proof, so in this Rebel Yell 100 review, I'm curious to see if it can hold its own against other well known wheated bourbons.   Read Less