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Reservoir Holland's Ghost Bourbon Whiskey

107 Prood
Holland's Ghost
750 ML (Standard)
Reservoirs house whiskies tend to be about big, upfront, charred oak, but this chap has really mellowed in his stout barrel.
Creamy Velvety.The chocolate lingers besides a little more oak influence.
A collaboration between Reservoir Distillery and local restaurateur and Whiskey bar owner, Mac McCormack.Spent the first portion of its life in Reserv   Read More oir's signature 5 gallon barrels, before being vatted into a single 53 gallon ex-Stout barrel from the local Ardent brewery.So local bar meets local distillery meets local brewery.What's not to like?

BBS tasted this as part of our recent lineup of the Reservoir range at the Lexington.We were phenomenally lucky to get our hands on a bottle; this stuff sold out the day it was launched, so big thanks to David Cuttino for letting one slip our way.   Read Less