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Rio Brazos Texas Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Rio Brazos Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The palate is pleasantly sweet, with cinnamon spice, and a buttery, roasted nuttiness.
The nose has soft vanilla notes with fragrant undertones of honeysuckle.
The finish is lingering with sweet caramel and spice.
Rio Brazos Texas Bourbon Whiskey is distilled from sweet corn, barley, yeast, water.Every step of production takes place at the distillery.They grind   Read More their barley and corn in their very own hammer mill, and the ingredients are mashed and distilled before the homegrown Texas spirit is barreled and bottle onsite.Their Texas Bourbon is distilled from a bourbon mash of 90 percent corn and ten percent malted barley.It is is filtered through coarsely charred pecan wood, unveiling a light, bright spirit and then rested in used 53-gallon bourbon barrels -each chosen for their cis-lactones (vanilla and coconut).Bottled at 90 proof.   Read Less