Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Rock Town Arkansas Bourbon Whiskey

92 Proof
Rock Town Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
It is fruity, very tasty, and spicy on the palate.I get roasted corn, roasted paprika, roasted pecan nuts, I guess the barbecue has been popular over there.It definitely goes more towards a vegetal side, with aubergines, hot peppers, and chilli sauce.Water brings out more roasted corn, I find it even slightly smoky, like a barbecue, and I get some hot Thai green curry sauce, sour gooseberries, cherries, again the amaretto.It becomes sweeter and fruitier after a while.Very beautiful, and really fun to try.
A mix of spices, cereals and fruits.Nice, I find the nose quite tight.Difficult to get more specific notes.Perhaps some drops of water would help? Yes, now it opens up.Sweet, mellow, with lots of sweet corn and roasted marshmallows.Also there are a hint of mint, some sour cherries, perhaps more a warmed up cherry sauce on your desert.All well balanced, but it might be missing a bit more complexity.However, I do get some fainter notes of liquorice, and it tends to become more floral after a while, with violets, a hint of lavender, and roses.Also more fruits, with especially hints cherries, a hint of amaretto, peaches on sirup and gooseberries.
Our bourbon is distilled from Arkansas corn and wheat right here at the distillery in downtown Little Rock.We're proud that we keep things local.We ag   Read More e our bourbon here at the distillery in small new charred oak barrels that were coopered right here in Arkansas at Gibbs Brothers Cooperage.That's right, we use Arkansas Corn, Arkansas Wheat, we distill the Whiskey in Arkansas, age it in an Arkansas made barrel to be Arkansas' first ever Bourbon Whiskey.   Read Less