Rock Town Peated Arkansas Straight Barley Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Rock Town Peated Arkansas Straight Barley Bourbon Whiskey

92 Proof
Rock Town Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
So many strains of cocoa it is hard to keep track; between them sits Manuka and Bruyerre honey, as a well as maple syrup and red liquorice; the vaguest hint of hickory fills the mid-ground; much drier now and some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee mingles with the vanilla
Liquorice Allsorts, especially the chocolate one.; just magnificent: had this been a Kentucky bourbon I would not have told the difference.
they should call themselves Choc Town after this stunner.One of the non-Kentucky bourbons of the year.And the best thing I have yet encountered from this outstanding distillery.
Bourbon is usually made with ry or wheat as the flavor grain, but we decided to try to see what contributions other grains would have and started our   Read More flavor grain series.ach bourbon was mashed and aged exactly the same with only one difference, the middle grain, the small grai or what we call 'the flavor grain'.The Whiskeys were made without corn, so they're not bourbons, each with its own distinct flavor profile.   Read Less