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Russells Reserve 10Yr Bourbon

90 Proof
Wild Turkey Distillery
Again quintessential bourbon flavors take the lead, with caramel and vanilla notes resting against tobacco and seasoned oak. A slight rye spice also weaves in, but allows the other flavors to show more prominently. The bourbon has a nice mouthfeel, albeit slightly thin. No different than the nose, there is nothing at all off-putting, and the flavors present themselves in a very straightforward and matter-of-fact way.
Strong aromas of vanilla and caramel come forward, with whiffs of aged oak, graham cracker, and leather following. It?s a strikingly quintessential bourbon aroma, and given its lower 90 proofpoint, surprisingly robust. Very pleasant overall offering little to take issue with.
Rye spice reaches its crescendo in the finish, leading the charge as the flavors climax in full force. The spice quickly fades, revealing vestiges of toasted marshmallows, leather, tobacco, and again, fairly prominent caramel and vanilla notes. It turns slightly dry as it fades away, but leaves a warming feeling in your chest.
Russell's Reserve is deep amber in color with a nose that is rich in vanilla, oak, toffee and a touch of old leather. The body is huge, and the palate is very spicy with notes of chili peppers, tamarind, almonds and cumin. visit sipnbourbon site for more exciting drinks and sipn your favorite drink.