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Shenks Homestead Sour Mash Whiskey

91.2 Proof
Michter's Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
The palate opens viscous and sweet with vanilla, toffee, and faint green apples yielding to a grassy baking spice-heavy warmth that flows across the tongue, fading towards the warm taste of sweetly toasted oak tannins, dried raisins, dried cherries, and a charred oak edge.
The nose opens with tart green apples stewed in light brown sugar caramel, vanilla bean, and soft stewed red and black fruit dusted with earthy baking spices before notes of soft toasted oak and tannins emerge with a faint kick of cloves.
The finish opens with some residual heat from the palate and a warm Kentucky hug that moves down the throat and settles in the stomach.Once the spice fades, chocolate, dried cherries and raisins, and grassy rye notes emerge before leading into a herbaceous aftertaste with a charred oak core.
Shenk's Homestead Distillery Sour Mash Whiskey honors the legacy of historic American Whiskey figure John Shenk, who in 1753 founded a distillery that   Read More was to become known as Michter's in the 20th Century.It is made in Kentucky according to the traditional Sour Mash process whereby a portion of the previously distilled Whiskey mash (referred to as 'setback') is added into the next batch.This full-bodied small batch Whiskey is 91.proof.   Read Less