Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger - SIPN BOURBON

Smoke Wagon Uncut The Younger

116 Proof
Nevada H&C
750 ML (Standard)
The nose starts out with some fruit, but fairly rapidly the spiciness of this bourbon dominates. Cinnamon red hots are the flavor of the day, but they are complimented by some simple syrup and honey sweetness, as well as candy and fruit
?This whiskey has a balanced oak nose with notes of hazelnut, coffee, and dark chocolate.
Cinnamon red hots continue to grow and are joined by black pepper spiciness; oak and simple syrup, cherry candy and honey sweetness
Uncut the Younger is blended to be fruit forward, with tons of candy flavor notes and finishing with some bold cinnamon spice with gentle heat. It's n   Read More on chill filtered so it's buttery and creamy, drinking more delicately than one would think based on its proof. Hope you love drinking it as much as I loved creating it!   Read Less