Southwell Straight Bourbon Whiskey 12 Years - SIPN BOURBON

Southwell Straight Bourbon Whiskey 12 Years

86 Proof
Cooper Spirits Co
750 ML (Standard)
Good spice and oak combination with the predominance of gentle sweetness.
Nose full of corn and wonderful bourbon spice.
Nicely toasted oak finish.
A little digging on Southland yielded the name 'Pacific Edge,' apparently the business behind contracting out this new brand.That also led me to an ex   Read More tremely hokey commercial for said brand, which yielded many laughs but again, little info.The video did indicate that this bourbon is made up of 84% corn, 8% barley, and 8% rye, and the bottle's label tells me it was aged for 12 years.The commercial also tells me that the liquid comes from Bardstown, Kentucky, which is contrary to the label statement of Tennessee.
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