Spirits Of French Lick Morning Glory Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Spirits Of French Lick Morning Glory Bourbon Whiskey

100 Proof
Spirits of French Lick
750 ML (Standard)
Sweet and mouth coating - very oily with almost maple undertones.Toasted Kasha is the focus - like almonds roasted in butter, viscous, honeyed oats.Sweet toasted nut flavors, almost cereal like, give rise to a slight prickly pear jelly
Toasted Kasha and a light herbaceous quality resembling mint, with a hint of roast malt
Super viscous, the flavor coats the palate and herbaceous/mint like quality mixed with a bit of honeyed peanut leisurely reminds you of the unique mash bill
The Morning Glory Bottled-In-Bond Kasha Bourbon is a Straight Bourbon whiskey with a mashbill composed of 66% Corn, 12% Rye, 16% Kasha (toasted buckwh   Read More eat), 2% Buckwheat, and 4% Malt. Aged exclusively in our Chai cellar using 53 gallon, #2 char barrels, and a 105 entry proof, as with all our spirits we do not chill filter this offering in order to leave as much of the flavor as possible.   Read Less