Spring Mill Bourbon Whiskey 8 Years Old - SIPN BOURBON

Spring Mill Bourbon Whiskey 8 Years Old

90 Proof
Heartland Distillers
750 ML (Standard)
The pallet brings out even more caramel, spice, oak, an orange with hints of licorice and a slight nuttiness.
Brings out notes of oak, caramel, an orange peel with subtle notes of cherry on the nose.
The finish is smoky with notes of oak, that is well balanced with a spicyness and herbal.
Spring Mill Bourbon, Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey, is 'produced and bottled' in Indiana and is labeled as a 'Twice Barreled' bourbon.To make this   Read More Twice Barreled bourbon they take some of their straight bourbon and move it into new charred oak casks so it gets the benefit of fresh char and virgin oak twice in its aging process.
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