Starlight Double Oaked Bourbon American Bsws - SIPN BOURBON

Starlight Double Oaked Bourbon American Bsws

109.6 Proof
Starlight Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Lovely mouthfeel, pepper, brown sugar, nougat and caramel. Rich and viscous, honey at first before clove, and creme brulee take over.
Spicy pepper, marshmallow, brown sugar and clove. Sweet, savory, spicy, quite a bit going on.
Long finish but a hair rough there with a touch more tannin and ethanol. It's hard to be upset, there's a lot going on, and the sweet, dessert forward character really works well here.
Distilled by Starlight Distillery in Indiana, this is their double oaked bourbon whiskey, distilled in house between the Ted and his two sons, and bot   Read More tled on premise. 4.5 years old and 53% ABV, it also sees a secondary maturation in a second barrel, although the distillery does not specify if this is French or American oak for the finishing barrel.   Read Less