State 38 Loveday Colorado Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

State 38 Loveday Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
State 38 Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
The front of the palate hits you with some Caramel, that moves into a smooth mid palate with some oak and dark chocolate, followed by a strong, rich, black coffee flavors.
Starting off, this bourbon hits your nose with chocolate, some coffee, and sweet corn smells.There are notes of Candy Corn, caramel, and corn syrup.
The rich flavors stick around for a long time, sweetness fades and coffee remains.
Each batch of bourbon grain is hand milled and fermented in small, 250 gallon tanks.It is then double distilled-first 'on the grain' to carry the deep   Read More , rich smooth grain flavor profile into the distilled spirit.It is then barreled in brand new cooper select North American white oak barrels, where the oak staves were hand selected for a strong caramel, vanilla and cinnamon flavor profile.Medium char barrels provide just the right amount of smoke finish.To top it off, the spirit is 'Pink Floyd' mellowed in the barrels by playing constant Pink Floyd songs in the distillery.The subtle vibrating sound waves actually increase the oak exposure to the spirit inside the barrels.Loveday bourbon Whiskey uses Specialty Malt grains to create a smooth chocolate and coffee finish to the bourbon, complementing its mellow oak noise and sweet caramel front.   Read Less