Timber Creek Florida Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Timber Creek Florida Bourbon Whiskey

93 Proof
Timber Creek
750 ML (Standard)
Woodiness, oak, leather and shoe polish.A few whiffs transported me to an old, comforting librar or study.Notes of musk, wood ash and brandy reveal themselves, along with a vegetal undertone.
Amber, with hues of a dark rose gold.
It starts With smooth and calm, and builds with a peppery and tingling heat.Sweeter notes of roasted vanilla fill the mouth, while more acidic tones of charred grapefruit hit the back of the throat.
Our Florida Whiskey is a Wheated Bourbon.The flavor profile is sweet and smooth.We start with our 100% Corn Bourbon Whiskey base and blend in a touch   Read More of 100% Wheat Whiskey to balance the sweetness of the Corn.The mash bill is roughly 80% corn and because of that this is our sweetest Whiskey.And last we pull all of the flavors together by blending in our 100% Single Malt Barley Whiskey which adds a round buttery-ness to the final blend.This Whiskey is amazingly well balanced and easy to drink.To preserve the natural Florida flavors we bottle it at 93 Proof.   Read Less