Trails End Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Trails End Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Hood River Distillers
750 ML (Standard)
Creamy Creme brulee and caramelized plantain in the entry, but the midpalate dries out considerably.Notes of walnut, hazelnut, and nutmeg stand out as well as vigorous spice.
Very welcoming, with rich, nutty spice and strong tannins almost like an oaked red wine.There Is a bit of grassiness and a suggestion of bananas foster.
Dry and spicy without astringenc or sourness.The finish is quite warming with a faint but welcome sweetness.
When they left Missouri in 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark didn't exactly pack light.In addition to 35 oars, 25 hatchets, 420 pounds of lead,   Read More 45 flannel shirts, 288 brass thimbles, and 50 dozen of something called 'Dr.Rush's patented 'Rush's Thunderclapper' pills,' they also packed more than 90 gallons of Whiskey.Each gallon cost about $1.8.
While the price of Whiskey has gone up since then, its association with the Wild West hasn't waned a bit.What can I say-there must be something abou oregon that drives people to drink.Now Trail's End, a new bourbon from Hood River Distillers, hearkens back to the early days of th oregon Trail with a spirit that follows Lewis and Clark's woolen-stockinged footsteps.   Read Less