Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Texas Bourbon Whiskey

95 Proof
Treaty Oak Distilling
750 ML (Standard)
Silky & full body.Sweet up front as well, although it'sa tad hot even for 47.5% ABV.After the burn, some nice deep oaky sugar notes, maple candies, raw honeycomb, and resiny fresh-hewn oak emerge.
Taffy and buttercream up front, sweet wheat dinner rolls, honey, anise, and a persistent green grassiness.Sweet, and unmistakably wheated.A rest in the glass makes it even sweeter, and picks up some sticky caramel notes.
Oak tannins abound, and the finish is far drier.A hint of charcoal and toasted white bread.Fades without evolving.
Treaty Oak is a Texas distillery founded in 2006 near Austin with a story so familiar that I'm getting tired of repeating it on this blog.An upstart d   Read More istillery, not enough startup capital, long time to wait for Whiskey to age, blah blah blah.These guys added a clever twist by branding their 'get sourced Whiskey to pay the bills' bottlings under the 'Red Handed' moniker.In other words, they stole somebody else's Whiskey.Yuk yuk.Thankfully, this review is of a 'grain to glass' bottling of the distillery's own output called Ghost Hill.
I reviewed the Red Handed Bourbon in a previous post, with the same opener (sue me, I'm lazy).I liked the bourbon quite a bit.The rye (which sports a 10 year age statement) I found to be less successful.   Read Less