TX Straight Bourbon Whiskey Sherry Barrel Proof - SIPN BOURBON

TX Straight Bourbon Whiskey Sherry Barrel Proof

101.6 Proof
Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.
750 ML (Standard)
Dark Cherry, Candied Walnuts, Rich Caramel, Christmas Spices
Fig, Dried Dark Fruits, Molasses, Wood. Spice
As our bourbon rested in these casks for 8 months, it picked up rich flavors of raisin, dates, chocolate, and molasses, ultimately evolving into our beautiful PX Sherry Finish.
TX Straight Bourbon PX Sherry Finish is created by taking fully matured 4-year-old TX Straight Bourbon and finishing it for 8 months in Pedro Ximenez   Read More Sherry casks. Sherry is style of wine that must legally come from the Sherry Triangle found in the Southern region of Spain. Pedro Ximenez (PX) is one of the sweetest types of sherry, made from white Pedro Ximenez grapes that are picked very ripe or dried after harvest to concentrate sugars. These casks came to us from the origins of Sherry wine?specifically from a bodega in the province of Cadiz in Jerez, Spain. Made from the American White Oak species known as Quercus alba, these casks were used to age Sherry for over 20 years in the soler system before they were finally emptied and sent to our distillery. When we received these casks, it had been merely 4 weeks since the last drops of PX Sherry had been harvested. This brief timeline allowed for the sherry'sexpressions to remain locked in the oak.   Read Less