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TX Straight Bourbon Whiskey

90 Proof
Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.
750 ML (Standard)
A nice balance of fresh pecan pie, maple sugar candy, vanilla, banana, and a hint of oak follow.
An ever so slight dash of sweetness kicks of the finish.However it is replaced almost instantly by a peppery and oak mixture, which dominates the rest of the time.This flavor combination clings to your mouth for an extremely long time.
In 2012, Leonard Firestone and Troy Robertson founded the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.which they state was the first craft bourbon and Whiskey   Read More distillery in North Texas.While the mashbill percentages are not disclosed, Firestone & Robertson say it's made up of Texas yellow dent corn, Texas soft red winter wheat, 6-row distillers malt, and their own proprietary strain of yeast that was captured from a Texas pecan nut-which they call the 'Brazos.No age statement is listed on the bottle, but it's labeled as a straight bourbon making this at least four years old.   Read Less