Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Union Horse Reserve Bourbon Whiskey

92 Proof
Union Horse Distilling Co.
750 ML (Standard)
Caramel, young oak, cornbread muffins, toasted grains, nuts and spice.A touch of dried dark fruit and a baking soda alkalinity pops up towards the end before diving into the finish.
Maraschino cherries, buttery caramel, nutmeg heavy spice, oak, vanilla, corn and blackberry licorice float out of the glass.This core is bolstered by light notes of candy corn and fruit.
Long notes of butterscotch, toasted grain, spice, vanilla and menthol take their sweet time to fade out.
Union Horse Reserve Bourbon is a craft bourbon from Kansas that's done using the traditional sour mash process where some of the mash from a distillat   Read More ion is used again in the next distillation.This helps manage the PH levels for fermentation and thus helps produce a more consistent product.The Whiskey in the bottle comes from Whiskey aged from 2-5 years and carries a 2 year age statement.
One more interesting things to point out about the Union Horse Reserve Bourbon before we dive into the review is that it only uses corn and rye in its mash.I contacted the distillery rep to find out more about what they use to convert starch to sugar without any malted barley and it turns out they use an enzyme instead of any malted barley.Different ingredient, but the process remains the sam   Read Less