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W.L.Weller Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey12 Years

90 Proof
Buffalo Trace Distillery
750 ML (Standard)
Caramel, dark cherries, oak, pine nuts, some vanilla then loads of Creme Brule and wheaty sweetness.There are some lemon drops and sherbet and rounded off with salted caramel.
Some bitter chocolate but more like bitter milk than dark chocolate.More caramel and oak.It is a lon boomerang finish.
Born in 1825, William Larue Weller was one of the early Whiskey pioneers in Kentucky.W..Weller developed hi original bourbon recipe with wheat, rather than rye in the mash bill. Weller spent his lifetime educating consumers about the differences in his bourbon. Wheat is a soft grain providing this bourbon with a mild, gentle and smooth sipping experience. Weller also believed in the importance of ageing his Whiskey. This fine twelve year old bourbon Whiskey has a deep amber color, with complex flavors of vanilla, oak and cinnamon. A tribute to the man who made wheated bourbon legendary. visit sipnbourbon site for more exciting drinks