Watershed Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Watershed Bourbon Whiskey

The bourbon is aged in 10- and 30-gallon barrels, making it a small barrel Whiskey (note that it is not designated a 'straight' bourbon, so the liquid   Read More is less than two years old).Watershed has bourbon aging in standard 53-gallon barrels, but that isn't ready for market yet.
Bottled at 47% abv (94 proof), the color of Watershed's bourbon is surprisingly light.Even young small barrel bourbons can come out quite dark, but this has a bright, coppery, middle amber appearance.
The nose is fragrant with cedar and pine, giving it a crisp quality that balances against the corn sweetness and dollop of vanilla.The flavor is light, offering up a subdued caramel sweetness and a note of toasty wood.A tiny rye spice note is in there too, one that grows on the tongue to the point of elbowing the other flavors off center-stage.The finish leaves a light, lingering spicy afterglow.   Read Less