Widow Jane 8 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey - SIPN BOURBON

Widow Jane 8 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey

91 Proof
Widow Jane
New York
750 ML (Standard)
Quite fruity on the palate, with more cherries, bloo orange and rum-raisin.Soft mouthfeel, but quite oaky.Water adds mint and sage to the mix.Quite nice, easy to drink.
Tobacco, raisin, wood smoke, toffee, black cherries, apple skins and chocolate.
The finish is bitter but deep with herbs, pencil lead and wet leather.
This bourbon from the trendy Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn is grounded in both Kentucky tradition and 21st century American sensibility.The makers   Read More of Widow Jane 10 Year say, 'It takes sweet water from tough rock to make great Whiskey.The water they use comes from the Widow Jane Limestone Mine in Rosendale, New York, which is even richer in minerals than the pure waters of Kentucky.Widow Jane 8 Year drinks like a much older bourbon   Read Less