Wigle Pennsylvania Wapsie Bourbon - SIPN

Wigle Pennsylvania Wapsie Bourbon

92 Proof
Wigle Whiskey
750 ML (Standard)
The mouth has a good level of burn, spicy and complex. I had trouble at times picking out the specific flavor profiles, but it all blended well. The sweet aspects on the nose give way to a more savory whiskey on the palate. Finally I profiled bits of butter balls rolled in baking spices.
Dark cocoa and robust nutty scents, bits of cigar tobacco with the slight burn of the paper.
Wigle Pennsylvania Wapsie Valley Bourbon shows off the tasty fruits of our commitment to working with local farmers.Consistently one of our most popular and critically-acclaimed spirits, Pennsylvania Wapsie Valley Bourbon is the result of commitments made by local family farms to bring back an heirloom style of corn known as Wapsie Valley Corn. This open-pollinated corn is challenging to grow but rewards us with its giant stalks and bright beautiful multi-toned ruby ears.