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Beginner's Guide to SIPN Bourbon Vision

SIPN Bourbon Vision

When talking about spirits, more people than you’d imagine struggle to understand the difference between whiskey, bourbon, and scotch. All bourbon is whiskey, but not all whiskey is bourbon.
If you know what we mean, this one’s for you!

This is the time of year for bourbon. When it comes to bourbon, everyone has their favorites. Some enjoy a nice glass of Old Crow’s latest batch, while others may have a soft spot for Jim Beam and cult favorite Jack Daniels.

The sipn app has been intuitively designed to cater to these people, so they can find a welcome community to share their ideas, opinions, anecdotes, and more on Bourbon whiskey. The community will aim to bridge the gap between the spirits industry and every Bourbon lover sitting in the comfort of their homes through its social media application, brand-partnered events, and exclusive excursions. Imagine being able to attend an event at your favorite distillery with like-minded people to share your thoughts!

So, what are you waiting for? Just Get Sipn with us!


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