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Do's When Drinking Bourbon

5 Do's When Drinking Bourbon

America’s homegrown whiskey has become one of the most popular pours around, and with so many bottles flooding the market, the usual place for the bottle, from being right at the back of the bar has turned into a crowd-pleaser right on the front shelf, a place that could easily overwhelm the average drinker. So if you’re new to the world of Bourbon, here are a few tips to get you Sipn on the all-American drink the right way!

1. Always Read the Label

For every newbie, it is rather important to learn how to decode bourbon labels. Bourbon is a very broad category and knowing what the wording means can help you choose great over average. You must look for words like STRAIGHT. Your first and foremost indicator of purity will be this very word, that means they’re not adding anything to or adulterating the product, so you’re getting the real deal. Then, go for the age statement on the label, although you may not always find it, because it will tell you whether that bourbon is on the younger or older side.

2. Don’t Overspend

When you’re a new kid on the block, refrain from going to the most expensive bottles straight off the bat. Ensure you’ve tried a couple of average-priced ones, and found the flavor profile that suits your palate before you blow big bucks on your bottle of premium Bourbon.

3. Avoid Shot Glasses

While the flavors of bourbon can be quite different from Scotch whisky, sipping a neat pour from a Glencairn glass, a curved vessel typically reserved for scotch can do wonders for taste. The Roma is a huge part of your bourbon experience and you definitely need a glass that lets you capture the aroma; think of a caramel-y, nutty, smell to get you excited and cue up the rest of your senses for the delicious pour about to follow.

A shot glass won’t enhance this experience, but a glass with a broad base and tapered top will do the trick.

4. Don't Be Afraid of Dilution

People think there’s only one way to drink bourbon, and that couldn’t be far from the truth. Water is not a dealbreaker with your drink whatsoever! The current trend for uncut, unfiltered, barrel-strength whiskeys means that most bourbons actually benefit from some dilution because it takes off the heat and spiced notes and lets the sweetness shine through. So whoever tells you drinking Bourbon with water is a sin, can think again!

5. Go Big with Your Ice

Bourbon has big, bold flavors, so a little bit of ice and water won’t ruin anything. However, be wary of small, watery pieces of ice, that can dilute the spirit too quickly. Always try to freeze sizable chunks that chill your drink effectively but melt slowly, giving you the best taste without watering down what you have to drink.

It is natural to want to be a little prepared when you start drinking a certain spirit for the first time! Lucky for you, the Sipn app has been intuitively designed to cater to people, who enjoy and are open to exploring the world of Bourbon. Enjoy with a glass of bourbon and keep these handy tips in mind if it’s your first time diving into the spirit. We can’t wait for you to Get Sipn too!

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