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Best Bourbon for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Best Bourbon for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving can be so exhausting with your massive  family, extended family and a whole lot of friends all getting together to catch up after not seeing each other for a whole year. It’s the time to be grateful for all the things that life has blessed us with, and the time to give thanks to the mighty Bourbon that can help smooth over any tense encounters and maybe even build a few new flavorful bridges when we spend time with our close ones.

Wild Turkey Rare Breed Bourbon (116.8 Proof)

What better brand of bourbon to bring on Thanksgiving than Wild Turkey? But Rare Breed isn’t just any bottle. This small batch bourbon is bottled at cask strength. All you need to do, is add a splash of water and let those vanilla, brown sugar and toasted oak flavors shine! Pair it up with your pumpkin pie and whipped cream and top off with a splash of bourbon while you’re whipping the cream. You’ll taste the magic!

Maker’s Mark 46

This particular bourbon is made by taking fully matured Maker's Mark Bourbon at cask strength and inserting specially seared French oak staves into the barrels. The bourbon finishes aging for a few months before bottling and those French oak staves added to the barrels are what gives Maker’s 46 the added dimension and a touch of dryness when you take a sip. This bourbon goes particularly well with a Thanksgiving chocolate pecan pie as it cuts through the richness of the decadent dessert.

Belle Meade Bourbon Madeira Cask Finish

This bourbon is a little pricier than the others, but that’s due in part to the bourbon aging from 6-9 years and its wine finishing. It is finished with Malmsey Madeira, one of the world’s best fortified wines. It is a great dessert wine that lends a fruity backnote to the high-rye bourbon. Imagine sipping on this as a digestif after you’ve eaten yourself a good old Thanksgiving Turkey! What fun!

wild turkey 101

Wild Turkey 101

True Thanksgiving Special Bourbon is a time-honored Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is aged in the #4 “alligator char” barrels for extra complexity and depth of flavor. It is served at 101 Proof (50,5% ABV). The sweet, smooth, bold, and spicy with a pronounced orange peel finish flavor makes it absolutely perfect for your Turkey Day meal.

Celebrate the holidays with your best crew by your side, and you’ll make it a night to remember! What’s your favorite holiday season without a few glasses of your favorite spirit? Incomplete, that’s what. So sit back and get Sipn with us!

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