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Thanksgiving Celebrations with Sipn

Celebrations with Sipn

Ain’t No Thanksgiving Like A Sipn Thanksgiving!

Cheers to Bourbon!

As the festivities approach, most of us are getting into the mood to get together and celebrate with our loved ones. Thanksgiving is the time to come together, spend time with family and friends and enjoy some Bourbon. Sipn, a new community for bourbon lovers soon to be released to the public, is sure to make your holidays more fun.

With the upcoming celebrations, you’re bound to hear people making plans for a Thanksgiving weekend filled with food, games, and plenty of adult beverages. Why not up your game this year, and make it stylish with a bottle of Heaven's Door or Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon?

A popular type of American whiskey, Bourbon is a barrel-aged distilled liquor made primarily from corn. Although Bourbon can be made anywhere in the United States, it is strongly associated with the South and its birthplace in Kentucky. Enhance your parties by serving up some delicious oak infused and rich caramel-flavored bourbon to share with your loved ones.

When you’re planning to unwind with your close ones, include Bourbon whiskey to shake it up a bit. So for all those worried about what to drink during the holidays...choose wisely and select Bourbon!

Celebrate togetherness with a drink that loves you back, get over grudges and make amends with that one friend that always gets on your nerves. Spread love and cheer by sharing a Bourbon, whether it be with loved ones around a cosy fireplace or chatting with them virtually. Bourbon gives you enough more reason to be thankful for the season.

The distinct flavor profile that Bourbon has, makes it even more enticing when you’re enjoying it in a cocktail, on the rocks, or neat. Truly, this unique whiskey whose flavors are shaped by deliberate distillation and ageing, is one that you must familiarize yourself with as you enjoy the fun.

Bourbon has a distinct and versatile flavor profile, giving you the freedom to entice your palette by enjoying it neat, on the rocks, or in a fancy cocktail. A truly unique whiskey whose flavors are created through a calculated distillation and ageing process. Understanding this process only enhances your enjoyment for Bourbon, and the Sipn communities will help in getting you to understand each and every step and its importance.

It is the time to get to know people in your neighbourhood, open a new bottle of Bourbon, and you’ll see! The Sipn app has been intuitively designed to cater to people, who enjoy and are open to exploring the world of Bourbon.

The wait won't be too long, Sipn will be here soon, and in the meantime, just enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations with a glass of bourbon and happiness all around you!

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