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Buying alcohol online? This is something we never imagined we'd be doing before the pandemic. The best we could do was call our local shop and get it delivered because ordering alcohol online always came with uncertainty and a chance of getting duped. However, the pandemic brought the widespread adoption of eCommerce to unprecedented levels as consumers stayed home and shopped online. But shopping for clothes online and shopping for alcohol online were never the same experience. It was always termed very transactional, if not unsafe. It was a very in-buy-out experience.

Well, Sipn is here to change that. Sipn is the first brand to open its social commerce channel. You may be wondering, what is social commerce and why does it matter to you? Social commerce allows you to interact with like-minded people, build a collection, communicate your likes/dislikes, and purchase your favorite Bourbon. You won’t be going here just to purchase, but to immerse yourself in the world and knowledge of liquor.

Sounds exciting, right? It is!  Sipn is going to be the first Spirit brand to create a community that lets you converse openly about your love for liquor and even engage with similar people/experts. In an app format, this is a liquor lover’s go-to dream. From information on your favorite liquor to talking to the ones who share the love to even purchasing a fine, rare bottle of Bourbon for yourself - do we need to say more?

We at Sipn understand what liquor means to you and want to assist you in building a community that you’ve always craved. Why wait for someone else to get you the best Bourbon when you can discover them right here at Sipn. We aim to build an online world where everyone feels comfortable discussing and sharing their love and opinions on their favorite spirits.

So, are you ready to move on from the typical ‘what’s happening’ conversation to more interesting ones over a drink (or two)?

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