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Three Bourbons You Need to Try this Christmas!

Top Three Bourbons for Christmas!

This is the season! Even if you don’t have a tree in the house and aren’t making yourself batches of eggnog, having a good bourbon on hand for a little letting loose as the year winds down certainly isn’t a bad thing. We could all use a drink after this very long year.

Finding the best bourbons for Christmas means a lot of “vanilla” and “baking spices” flavor notes in line with the holiday! Are you ready? Let’s see the top 3 bourbons this season!

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon


This Bourbon is already matured in heavily charred oak barrels, giving the spirit a lot of depth. These twice-toasted barrels are able to give it a low char for additional nine months of finishing.

That classic hint of fruit-meets-caramel from Woodford is there on the nose, with a drop of honey next to marzipan. The palate embraces the fruit and gets a little dry while Christmas spices, candied fruit, vanilla, and fatty nuts build on the tongue. The sip has a nice linger that feels rounded and warm but never hot. A little water brings out a spiced caramel apple nature that just works.

This is a fine drink to have with a little ice or water. It also works really well with eggnog!

Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon Whisky


Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon Whisky


This Bourbon from Waco, Texas is one of the most unique picks on the list. The hot Texas Hill Country days and cold nights help this juice intensify as it rests in the barrels. The end result might not be for everyone but it’s certainly something that will expand your palate.

Imagining saddle leather, toasted oak, kettle corn, and sweet apples that greet your senses. The palate has a pecan pie edge with a vanilla whipped cream body that touches on more leather, apple, and oak. That soft vanilla carries onto the end with hints of sweet applewood smoke and a final note of tobacco spice.

This is a great drink to pair with a pie after a big holiday dinner, especially if we’re talking about a pecan or apple pie.

Belle Meade Bourbon Whiskey


Belle Meade Bourbon


This revival from the Nelson brothers of Nelson Green Brier has become an almost instant classic. The drink is a high-rye bourbon that’s small-batched from only four barrels per bottling. It is then proofed with that soft Tennessee water and bottled.

Florals and citrus mix with light maple syrup and a sense of caramel. The palate carries on that caramel path and adds rich vanilla, plenty of sharp rye spice, and a nice dose of apricot. The finish is long and with a little water brings about dark candied cherries inside a spicy, rich, nutty, and plummy Christmas cake.

There is no denying that this bourbon really vibes with the season. Pour it in some eggnog or mulled wine or make Boulevardier cocktails with it. We can’t wait for you to try it!

When there’s a chill in the air, the night begins earlier, and the cool wintery nights are en route…. it is the time of year for bourbon. Celebrate the festivities and deck the halls with your favorite spirit!

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